Meta Cortex started over 10 years ago as a part time hobby project. I creating designs I wanted to wear on t-shirts based on my favourite movies and TV shows. I uploaded my designs to Print on Demand companies, and within a short space of time, realised I was not the only person in the world who shared the passion for my favourite movies and TV shows.

It continued as a part time project until 2011, when I took the plunge and pooled my expertise in graphic design, and website development to set out in business on my own. Here we are over 5 years and over 50,000 t-shirts sold later. I always wanted Meta Cortex to be unique, simply because I create what I am passionate about, I don't buy in mass produced stock and sell it on. I watch a movie or a TV show and say "Hey that would make a great t-shirt design" and within a short space of time I bring it into existence for you the fan. I hope you will continue the journey with me over the next 5 years and beyond, and I thank everyone who bought something from me and loved wearing it.